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Focus Areas

Audience Behavior Change

You would like your audiences to engage with your organization in a specific way. For some reason, they are just not responding. Assisted by our team with a background in organizational and consumer psychology, you will explore your customers’ behavior, test experiments to modify that behavior, and implement new incentives that effectively influence motivation, loyalty, and repeat brand experiences. Get in touch.

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Audience Experience Management

Think of all the steps your customers goes through, from start to finish, to engage with your organization. How many people would say they had a great experience? What’s stopping it from being an amazing experience? And who disengages along the way? We will guide you in the exploration of your total customer experience via our Customer Experience Audit. From first contact to post-purchase reflection, you will learn ways to streamline and simplify your customer’s journey, reducing abandonment and amplifying delight with the experiences you provide. Get in touch.

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Organizational Effectiveness and Strategy

Often, organizations are focused only on their customers. But how your organization accomplishes its tasks while fulfilling the mission has a huge impact on your manpower, resources, and time. Would you like to learn more effective, less expensive ways to “do what you do”? Using best practices from working with hundreds of organizations, we will assess the processes, systems, technologies, and day-to-day operations of your organization. We will implement strategies to reduce costs, increase revenues, and maximize the efficiency of the time your team spends working for you. Get in touch.

Marketing and Engagement Strategy
Need to reach a specific segment of people? Need to “move the needle” of response in a short period of time? We will design experiments with you to determine the most effective strategies to employ.
Technology Discovery and Change Management
Considering implementing new technology? We are very experienced in helping organizations research options and implement effectively, with an emphasis on creating team environments that enthusiastically encourage change.

Have a stack of vendor proposals? Our vendor selection assistance process is designed to remove emotion and focus on measurable fit-for-purpose to your organization’s needs. As an example, please see our system for ticketing and CRM selection assistance.

Internal Operations Audits
We will help you identify methods to streamline your everyday operations, from new software solutions to new techniques that lower costs and increase capacity.
Technology-In-Performance Strategy
We’ve projected on building walls, told stories with Google Glass…If you can imagine it appearing in your performance, we will find a way to implement the technology. We are especially interested in the use of technology to allow people to interact with the story, or to make meaning of what they have experienced.


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Trustworthy data is vital to organizational decision-making. We work with organizations large and small to design high-engagement quantitative and qualitative research plans. Our research process also involves an investment in your organization — your staff will learn along with our work, so that they can continue with the research going forward. We believe that research should be a cornerstone of organizational operations — as important as board development, pricing, or marketing — and we work with you to install a culture of research into your organization’s DNA. Get in touch.

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