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The Western Stage

Audience research, technology, and outreach strategy.

The Western Stage

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About the Project

The Western Stage (TWS) at Hartnell College has worked with Group of Minds on several projects over the years. Most recently, TWS began a strategic planning process that required detailed audience attendance data, including demographics, psychographic motivations for attendance, response to marketing activities, and satisfaction with the experience. Group of Minds designed and implemented an audience research program (including the launch of surveying on our new digital tablet platform) that gathered the necessary information over multiple show seasons, so that audience attendance trends could be explored and forecast going forward. TWS staff also saw the value of the ability to plan based on longitudinal audience attendance data, and our process has installed audience research as a cornerstone of TWS operations. Currently, TWS is in the process of launching a new ticketing/CRM system, and is utilizing Group of Minds to clean years of patron data records in preparation for use in the new system, as well to train staff in CRM best practices, so that future transaction data can be segmented and utilized for effective marketing and fundraising campaigns.

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