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Tempesta di Mare

Online video curation and experimentation, vendor selection assistance on ticketing/CRM software, and environmental scans of engagement activities of classical music organizations.

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Tempesta di Mare

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About the Project

Fanfare magazine recently hailed Tempesta di Mare for its “abundant energy, immaculate ensemble, impeccable intonation, and an undeniable sense of purpose.” The organization approached Group of Minds with some intriguing goals. What were the best practices in engagement strategies of other classical music organizations? Group of Minds completed a detailed environmental scan of engagement practices, which brought Tempesta di Mare a toolbox of useful engagement activities to explore. Additionally, the organization found out that many orchestras are discovered via recordings of rare musical pieces posted on YouTube. A large archive of recordings had been sitting in storage for years. Working with Group of Minds, Tempesta di Mare digitized days of rare performance footage, and designed search-engine-optimized descriptions for YouTube so that these pieces could be discovered and enjoyed by the world. The process resulted in a signigigant increase to the Tempesta di Mare’s website, and increase recognition locally, nationally, and internationally.

“My group, the Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra Tempesta di Mare just finished an extensive marketing and social media analysis and overhaul with Ron and Group of Minds. The best part of all the hard work was that it was fun. Great to have someone look out for moving this project along as we all here were dealing with the many day-to-day tasks in running our biggest concert and recording season ever. Ron, maybe it’s your CA personality, but it really energized us here during those long East Coast Winter months! I am looking forward to seeing results as we use our new CRM, streamline our youtube videos and spend all those $ on googleAds. Thanks! Looking forward to next time…” -Ulrike Shapiro, managing director, Tempesta di Mare

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