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Stanford Lively Arts

Using technology to drive audience attendance, participation, and engagement.

Stanford Lively Arts

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About the Project

Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, at one of the world’s most prestigious universities, Stanford Lively Arts likely has one of the most tech-focused audiences on the planet. But how can technology be used in engaging ways to enhance the attendance experience? And what is “acceptable behavior” for audiences in a performance space in the 21st century? Stanford Lively Arts turned to Group of Minds to facilitate a retreat on the issue, to examine concepts such as audiences feeling a sense of “family” and “place” when experiencing Lively Arts’ events, use of mobile and hand-held video technology and communication of a flexible social media policy for audiences. While the process generated many ideas, what was missing was a strategy of what was possible in what timeframe. Group of Minds synthesized short-, mid-, and long-term plans mapped to people, making the way forward clear. Stanford Lively Arts was able to redefine its rules of attendance, which made it much easier for audiences to engage with the art, and to share that engagement via their personal networks. “For his deep knowledge of marketing and the Internet (and where the two come together), his passion and commitment to his work, his natural gifts as a teacher and discussion moderator, his impressive connections in the field (through whom he continuously enriches his base of knowledge), and his all-around likable and generous demeanor, I give Ron my highest recommendation.” -Matt Campbell, Director of External Relations, Stanford Lively Arts

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