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Using consumer psychology to increase donations, reduce waitlisting, and streamline operations.

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About the Project

Playpenn, an artist-driven organization and annual playwriting conference dedicated to improving the way in which new plays are developed, approached Group of Minds with a tricky problem. The organization’s main yearly event is free to the public, but people were signing up via a manual process, (or being added to a large waitlist) and then not showing up, causing frustration that added negativity to the experience. As the ticket was free, there was no way to change behavior based on price. By implementing an inexpensive and automated registration system, pressure on Playpenn’s staff was substantially reduced. In addition, by utilizing recent research in consumer psychology, Group of Minds created a series of consumer behavior and messaging experiments that resulted in a large boost in contributed income for the conference. “Working with Group of Minds has been provocative and extremely useful. While what we’ve learned and what you’ve shown us has stirred more activity and responsibility, it’s already showing, resulting in a more concerted and effective use of marketing toward greater involvement of the public and increased support, in every way.” -Paul Meshejian, artistic director, playpenn

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