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City Lights Theater Company

Nudging theater audiences to shift to buying online, far in advance.

City Lights Theater Company

Spring 2015 View Client Site

About the Project

Although City Lights Theater Company (CLTC) offers an online ticketing option, many audience members were instead choosing to wait to purchase tickets until the last minute, at the door. This not only created long lines at the box office, but made it impossible for the company to forecast attendance or plan to increase or reduce marketing activities. CLTC approached Group of Minds to see if the problem could be solved. By studying the online and offline behavior of ticket purchasing behavior, Group of Minds was able to identify several “friction points” that were negatively influencing online sales. CLTC implemented Group of Minds’ recommended changes to the purchase process, and within three productions, percentage of online ticket sales jumped from 25% to 75%. This allowed CLTC to reduce box office staff, get patrons seated more quickly, start productions on time, and capture vital buyer contact information to be used for marketing later productions. 

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