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Arts Patrons: Mobile Preferences (2015)

About the Project

Group of Minds has completed the 2015 update of “Arts Patrons: Mobile Preferences” research study on the mobile device use of arts and cultural patrons. Working with five partner cities in the U.S. (San Jose, Austin, Nashville, Philadelphia, and Boston), a twelve-question online survey was distributed to each cities’ email list. The survey ran for one week, and we received more than 1000 responses. 

Option 1: Download the full-color report (PDF, 7 pages)

Option 2: View a mobile-friendly version on your mobile device (HTML)

We wish to thank our partners in research for the 2015 update: Julia Canavese (San Jose); Aaron Sanders, (Austin); Erin Hornsby (Nashville); John McInerney (Philadelphia); and Jennifer Falk (Boston). 

History of the Project

In 2009, Arts Council Silicon Valley commissioned Group of Minds Arts Marketing + Technology Consultants to research the mobile preferences of arts patrons. A sample of 45,000 patrons were contacted via email selected from the half-price ticket email lists of six regional online arts calendars in six U.S. cities. The goal of the research was to:

  • Discover current usage of mobile phones in relation to arts activities
  • Measure potential near-future usage
  • Explore expectations to prepare successful arts-related mobile channels

In September 2012, Group of Minds independently commissioned an update of the research, with a goal of measuring changes in mobile preferences over the previous three years, and will continue to update the research every three years moving forward. All six original cities and their respective half-price email lists participated in the 2012 update to the research. The same questions were used in the 2012 survey, although several answer options were updated for relevancy. The sample size and method of distribution were repeated. The analysis shows that arts patrons have made large gains of interest in and acceptance of mobile devices as preparatory, participatory, and logistical companions to the arts experience.

Option 1: Download the full-color report (PDF, 6 pages)

Option 2: Link to read a mobile-friendly version of the report on your smart phone (HTML)

Special thanks to our partner researchers on this project: Arts Council Silicon Valley, Jeff Trabucco, Josh Russell (San Jose); Matt Lehrman (Phoenix); Ann-Marie McKaskle, Marcy Hoen (Austin); Jennifer Schwartzenberg, Erin Hornsby (Nashville); John McInerney (Philadelphia); John Beck, Jennifer Falk (Boston). This research is updated every three years, and will next be updated in 2015.

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