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June 24, 2011

My picks for the top 50 tweets of the Americans for the Arts (AFTA) 2011 Conference

[ Image: AFTA Twitter ]I wasn’t able to attend the Americans for the Arts (AFTA) conference this year, but I did get to participate in the next best thing: following the conversation on Twitter. Lots of great discussion and opinions. But unless you were following 24/7, you may have missed some gems. So, I’ve gone through the entire stream of tweets using the hashtag #AFTA11 (all 2389 of them!) cut out all fat, and filtered them down to my picks for the top 50 most-useful tweets to me from AFTA 2011.

I say most useful because I wanted to separate out things that can be acted on, resources/measurements that can be explored, impactful facts and figures, and new “lightbulb ideas.”  A big thank you to these great posters for posting meaty tweets — If you like something you see, follow the author on Twitter. Up next, the same from the TCG Conference. So here goes, from oldest (pre-conference) to newest (end of conference) order…

My picks for the 50 top tweets from AFTA 2011

1. @twocitygirl What I’m really getting from #AFTA11 is that temporary public art is the way to go.

2. @sparkoc Not attending @Americans4Arts Convention in San Diego #afta11 ? – You can still attend keynotes on FREE live webcast!

3. @DDombrosky My list of tech resources for arts managers can be found at #AFTA11

4. @ansteady Matt Lehrman recommends 2 books for understanding technology: DREAMING IN CODE & GROUNDSWELL. Good laypersons guides. #afta11

5. @FJavierTorres Check out the IMPACTFUL video from this Public Matters Project: #AFTA11 #FOODEQUITY Market Makeovers

6. @FJavierTorres Another Fantastic Public Matters project that helps you see the change in community over time: #AFTA11

7. @teaoranges Markusen and Gadwa’s Creative Placemaking study: #afta11

8. @FrameDance Higher than I would have guessed @artfulmanager: NEA festival study: 76% of festivals pay their artists. #afta11

9. @createquity +1: This is why we need independent interpretation. RT @artfulmanager: Why does arts research so often sound like talking points? #afta11

10. @ArtsAdvocate_MD How can we work to turn this around? RT @shewhotravels: 22% of businesses expect their arts giving to decrease this year #afta11

11. @wassilyk #afta11 kickstarter soon to introduce curated pages… Organizations will pick fave projects to back

12. @saharjavedani Acevedo states our need for “Inter-culturalism” understanding one’s own culture through the lens of others’ #cultures #afta11

13. @saharjavedani Acevedo gives shout out to @philaculture for reports on Cultural Engagement Index #afta11

14. @MAinArtsMgt #afta11 Great positive findings on the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project survey SNAAP. Check their website:

15. @wassilyk #afta11 kickstarter, cross-social media promo critical, 40% of unsuccessful projects get 0 pledges

16. @SAHEARTS Kickstarter most common pledge is $25. People like to be a part of the project. “backing a project” #afta11

17. @MNCITIZEN majority of outdoor festivals (77%) occur in towns with less than 250,000 ppl, 60% are free, most held in easily accessed locations #AFTA11

18. @artfulmanager Up first at research session: NEA study of outdoor arts festivals. #afta11

19. @IrenicImplement @Americans4Arts….loving the QR code on the button…you just gave me a new idea for our membership drive #afta11

20. @jesskstern Monterey Arts Council starts license plate program to raise $40M for arts ed. Kudos to oregon cultural trust for theirs as well! #afta11

21. @SheWhoTravels Did U know that every tweet ever made is archived @ Library of Congress? Good reason to never tweet pics of yr body parts #AFTA1

22. @ansteady Public art doesn’t have to be expensive. SnoWaffle cost $40: #AFTA11

23. @MNCITIZEN Good advice: RT @APAP365 “If you’re at…#AFTA11 or any conference this summer, here’s why (& how) you should tweet:”

24. @MNCITIZEN 34% of arts EDs expect to leave the job in the next 2 years. 10% within the next 12 months #AFTA11

25. @MNCITIZEN Only 32% of arts EDs are hired from outside the organization, the rest are founders or from board or staff #AFTA11

26. @GordonJayFrost The #afta11 sessions on #philanthropy will be available on-demand:

27. @SheWhoTravels Go Marcus! RT“@artfulmanager Sidewalk Poetry project in St. Paul. Turning concrete into canvas. Wow. #afta11”

28. @trishamead oooh. Direct link to mobil-ready video trailer? I’m thinking how to maximize QR code on coffee s hop poster, i.e. #2amt #afta11

29. @crystalewallis oooh! RT @wkradio: #AFTA11 DO NOT be fooled into using QR Codes >>> Excellent design will always transmit more information. #techfads

30. @teaoranges Prof. dev: Seeking mentors *and* becoming a mentor to others in the field is key to building and elevating everyone’s skills. #afta11

31. @artfulmanager Interesting view of ‘creativity’ as the intersection of originality and impact (PDF file) #afta11

32. @lisa_hoang Whoa. RT @ArtsAdvocate_MD: Federal Funding for the arts is $0.02 for every $100 of non-military discretionary spending (2009) #AFTA11

33. @PAArchive Hot topic at #AFTA11: the arts as an economic generator in cities that have a high percentage of vacant buildings.

34. @NPAConvention Keep it simple, simple, simple: MT @fjaviertorres: Krug’s 3 laws of web usability: #AFTA11 #NPAC

35. @SparkOC There are about 110,000 nonprofit arts orgs out of 1.4 million nonprofits nationwide #afta11

36. @FJavierTorres Grt infographic on Twitter vs Facebook usage: #AFTA11 Which 1 works better 4 ur fundraising/online relationship building

37. @FJavierTorres
Old truth remains true in fundraising: “People give to people!” #AFTA11

38. @namac Trend rising: donors who prefer to give online tend to not want to give any other way and will get peeved if you try! #afta11

39. @ArtsMendo Downward trend in share of population attending art event but volunteerism and personal creation shows an upward trend. #afta11

40. @SparkOC In 2009 41% of nonprofit arts orgs operated at a deficit. #afta11

41. @Americans4Arts @richmintz tells us about his experiences working with @Americans4Arts on ARTSBlog #afta11

42. @NPAConvention MT @diasporavibe @pllorenzo: Sharing-Cool Web Apps for Arts & Cultural Organizations #marketing #arts #afta11 @SDAFF

43. @artfulmanager Managing Media Mayhem session: to track journalists and bloggers online, visit #afta11

44. @saharjavedani Here’s NEFA’s Cultural Count Database #afta11

45. @MsRubyC Want to encourage resistant staff members to use new tech? Put it in the review process, where relevant. Heavy handed? Maybe. #afta11

46. @artpride How do you keep up w/ constantly changing technology? Evaluate the tech. you use annually and do your research #afta11

47. @pllorenzo Audioboo: Inspired #afta11 #arts #sandiego

48. @gerlie_irvine Ben Cameron, Doris Duke Foundation – Could sustainability be enemy of adaptability? #afta11

49. @artfulmanager Funny that ‘continuous partial attention’ is a curse for some & a goal for others. At #afta11 it’s the only option.

50. @RinglingCollege #afta11 Fischer #SeaWorld notes recent quote “facts don’t persuade people, emotions do”

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