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April 8, 2011

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance releases Groupofminds mobile app vendor selection research

[ Image: Mobile app developer research for arts and culture ]In the summer of 2010, The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance commissioned Groupofminds to research mobile app development firms in an effort to identify mobile app vendors making significant strides in apps for arts and culture. Now that the research is complete, GPCA has generously released the report to the arts and cultural community, so that all arts and cultural groups seeking information on mobile app vendor options can benefit. This research is part of the Cultural Alliance’s Engage 2020 initiative, sponsored by a lead grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts, with additional support from The Wallace Foundation and The Philadelphia Foundation.

[ Image: PDF Icon ] Get the report (PDF 188k) Arts Marketing + Technology Consultants assists arts and cultural organizations to increase the audience’s enjoyment, understanding, and frequency of attendance. Principal consultant Ron Evans a leading developer and researcher of arts marketing technology. His current research is focusing on consumer psychology and behavior in the realm of arts and cultural attendance. Arts Marketing + Technology Consultants is based in San Jose, CA, USA. For questions on this report, please contact us.