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Internet marketing for the arts 101: 9 technologies all arts groups should be using

October 19, 2008 |

There are many ways to spend your time marketing or developing your arts organization. But which are the most effective? We’ve narrowed it down to 9. A recent survey of arts organizations compiled by the Wallace Foundation tells us that most groups feel that the use of next-generation technology is vital to audience development. On the next question, when asked how organizations feel they are doing with implementation of next-generation technology, the vast number of groups surveyed said “not as well as we’d like to be.” One issue seems to be that many groups have yet to master what we like to call “previous-generation technology.” Let’s examine what is known to work, in an effort to build an arts marketing foundation for you, the arts group. We feel that groups should focus on having all 9 of these techniques in place before putting a lot of effort into other technologies. So, play around with the “new” stuff, but remember your marketing roots first. In no particular order… Read More

To fund or not to fund: tips for using the web to research performing arts grants online

September 26, 2008 |

Money to fund your arts programming. It’s out there, from a variety of sources. And if you know which stones to overturn, you’ll have everything you need to get it flowing into your organization. The web is the most powerful tool at your disposal to find funding sources for performing and visual arts grants. There are specialized grants for women in the arts. Arts grants for individuals. If you can imagine it, there is probably somebody out there who can support it with a grant. And knowing where to apply is half the battle!

Googling your way to funding success

Let’s brainstorm for a moment about some sources for funding for your arts organization: 1. The NEA 2. Local, regional, or national foundations that serve your arts genre’s niche or geographic area 3. City-based arts funding programs 4. Nonprofit arts service organizations in your area 5. Corporate grants for supporting the arts and humanities 6. Your state arts council 7. Individuals with a history of giving to the arts 8. Companies and individuals that give products or services to the arts in lieu of money I’m sure there are more, but that’s a good start. As a real-world example, let’s try to find some arts funding sources for an arts organization in Santa Cruz, CA. Using google, I simply searched for “arts grant santa cruz,” and looked at the results. 1. Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County — holds the #1 spot on google 2. Rydell Visual Arts Foundation — looks like they fund the Santa Cruz Art League (note, looking at who Read More