Arts Marketing Consultant Ron Evans

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Ron Evans, arts marketing consultant

Ron Evans is a consumer psychologist and principal consultant at Group of Minds Arts†Marketing + Technology Consultants. He is a leading developer and researcher at the†intersection of culture and technology. His primary area of interest is in exploring†emerging technology and its impact on consumer psychology/arts patron decision†making, including social influence of donation and ticket-purchasing behavior.†He is an†affiliate member of both the American Psychological Association†and the Society for Consumer Psychology.

Ron has a history in the field of social interactions using technology. After an early†successful career in user interface design for the videogame industry with firms such†as Atari Games, he moved into the nonprofit sector as a marketing and audience†development educator for Arts Council Silicon Valley. Fueled by a $750,000 grant from†the Knight Foundation, he helped launch a collaborative arts marketing program for†regional groups in San Jose, CA, and was the functionality designer on the Artsopolis†Arts Calendaring Platform,†now a licensed community arts†calendaring solution for 35+ cities around the U.S. generating continual†online earned revenue for Arts Council Silicon Valley.

As the Director of Local Marketing for the†Artsopolis Marketing Partnership, he worked one-on-one with more than 150 individual arts and cultural†groups on all aspects of technology implementation including ticketing vendor selection, online revenue†generation, website experience enhancement, usability studies, and next-generation audience†development techniques.

In 2008, Ron left the Arts Council and formed his full-service arts technology consulting firm,†Group of Minds. He assists arts and cultural organizations in increasing their†audience’s arts enjoyment, understanding, and frequency of attendance. He is a frequent speaker at†regional and national conferences, including the National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP), the Association†for Performing Arts Service Organizations (APASO), The Conference on Community Arts Education, and†the Western Arts Alliance Conference, and the International Ticketing Association (INTIX).

He has taught†arts marketing in a variety of settings, most recently as an instructor in arts marketing for at California†State University, East Bay. He is the host of NAMPRadio, the official podcast of Americans for the Artsí†National Arts Marketing Project.†Testimonials on Ron’s work can be†found at his site.

Current and recent arts marketing consulting and technology-based projects include:

+Technology collaborations/partnerships with for-profit or non-profit partners
+Qualitative and quantitative research design and implementation
+Online arts portal business planning, budgeting, and revenue generation
+User interface and user “flow” across online portals
+Technology/vendor selection for online ticketing, donor database, and email marketing systems
+Finishing stalled technology implementation
+Creating custom arts and cultural software and functionality
+Analysis of funding requests to maximize funding potential
+Online technology evaluation to maximize funder expectations

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