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Are you ready for a full audience of energized, appreciative arts patrons?

Today’s audiences are hungry for an interactive, ongoing arts and cultural experience. They want it to start before the curtain goes up, and to continue long after they go home. GroupOfMinds helps you to achieve that goal.

We don’t just help organizations with their online marketing. We curate fascinating attendance experiences that educate and build anticipation to attend again.

Your arts organization reaps the benefits of the technology, marketing, and communication tools we implement, achieving:

•    An audience that is prepared to understand and enjoy your art
•    Patrons who share their appreciation of your work with their closest friends
•    A lighter budget and freer staff time for your organization

We help organizations tap into the rich resources of web 2.0, social media, and next-generation technology which provides a means for increasing your audience’s “readiness to receive” the impact of your art. You’ll be able to:

•    Strengthen the relationship with each patron
•    Drive participation and donation
•    Teach the value that your art brings to their lives

Examples of recent benefits we’ve brought our clients:

Cal Performances at U.C. Berkeley launched their Facebook presence, which grew to 1000 fans in 10 days.

The San Jose Jazz Festival received high social publicity, with festival attendees sharing hundreds of photos, videos, and tweets over Twitter and Facebook.

Stanford Lively Arts at Stanford University received user-interface design feedback on the implementation of their new website, and recently re-launched their site to much acclaim.

City Lights Theater Company‘s audiences are understanding and appreciating CLTC productions like never before, as they are prepared in advance with engaging email content and online video.

Mexican Heritage Corporation is reaching out to its patrons in new media ways, with the launch of new campaigns on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Youtube.

We know nonprofits, from volunteer-based staffs to ultra-tight budgets. What arts marketing and technology challenges do you have for us?

Let’s get started: >> See what we can do for you…